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i fucking hate it when people take me off their friends list without notifying me. especially people i thought were my friends. you want me off your list, fucking tell me so i can take your skanky asses off too k? fuck you all :/
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Aww! I know exactly what you mean. =( But the person who deleted me and blocked me on msn without saying anything wern't really someone important. :P {I don't think you like her if I remember rightly, give you a clue, she looks like a guy. Lol. :P}

I won't delete you. =) I know I don't comment much, but when you do update I do read your entries. =)
Hah Ally? I hate her. Always have, always will.
:o How did you guess?! Lol.
Because shes uglyy. Bitch used to call me names :/ I may be fat but fat people can still be cute/hott/etc. Girls who look like men are just.. ew.
lol, I gave an "info" type post last time I deleted a buncha ppl..but interestingly enough...I took someone off today and didnt say anything =P I was like...whatever ¬¬

not you of course ^.^ *tackles*
Hah, yeah I'd be sadd if you took me off :( <3 Maryyy
If they're going to do that, it's better that they're not there anyway because they don't deserve you as a friend. If that made sense XD *hugs*
Casey deleted me :/ I understand I guess but I was still pissed cuz me and him were close for a while and I guess I just expected shit to be the same. :/ *hugs back*
You could always message to discover why. Yeah, we grew apart. It was nothing personal - but we haven't been close recently. You know this. I'm going through a phase in my life where I'm really just trying to figure out what's what and what's going on. One day... maybe in the future, things could improve? But right now - I'm just trying to figure out who I am and what it is that makes me tick. What does this all mean?

I guess that after I figure all of this out, we could try the friendship thing another time down the road. Sorry if I've hurt you. I've had a habit of doing that to people recently.
Okay, so you're willing to push me aside until it's convinient for you? Sorry Case, I'm not a toy. :/ You may be going through a phase, but everyone is. I'm turning 16 fucking years old in 6 days.. of course I'm going through a phase. But I'd rather have the people who've seen me grow / been by me for a long time THERE with me instead of not there.

I guess we're different there though. I care and you don't. :) It's k though because how everyones been treating me lately is pushing me to the era of not caring, about anything.
Alright, well best of luck in things. Sorry I'm not so "caring". Hopefully you find people that you can connect with better as time passes.


13 years ago


13 years ago

Psst. Add my new lj starchasing k? xP
done :D
I promise I won't take you off my list, I kinda like ya ;)
Aw, I like you too :D