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i really didn't wanna post this today since i've already posted once today but yeah.

i just found out about christine dying today.. :( i cried for like an hour straight. my eyes still hurt :( me and her never really talked lately.. but she was an awesome friend :( i'm gonna miss her *so* much. i hope she knows how much i love her. RIP Christine... We all miss you <3 I love you.

ok anyway, i have to stoppp before i cry again ;/
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:( *huggggs*
:( =/
yeah :(
*huggs* :(
so sorry. =/ *hugggggs*
Thats really sad. :( What disease? I hope there's a chance she gets well.
she had an acute asthma (spelling? ;/) attack. she died.. :(
Awww! How old was she? Its terrible when people die young :/ Hope she had a good life.
She was 23 :(
Thats terrible. :(

i did interests search on ;/. and you were the only one who came up.
hey this is x_mezmerize, add my new name?<3 you're added.